The Rise of “Anti-Money”…

4 A.M: Time to talk about a mysterious idea about a mysterious concept: anti-money.
So you may be asking yourself, what the hell is anti-money ?

Well, it’s a kind of concept I created to represent a force coming against the financial system, against the common experience: I sell for x€, wanna buy ? Yeah, here’s your x€. kthxbai.

But, is there another way, the other way around ?
Yes, of course and they already exist: donations (for goods), sharing, collaboration… represent an exchange where no money is involved in the process.

So, if we, people, are complaining about the evil powers of money ruling our lives, we must first consider giving these options (sharing) more credit and weight on the political balance. Our dear politicians needs to realize that and soon or the Masses will revolt, and the system will implode.
People are already getting on the streets (occupy wall-street, Europe protestations against austerity politics) but people must realize, individually, the importance of this counter or anti-money. They have to think about it themselves, make their own opinion and decide if sharing, collaboration, openess are needed in our society more than closeness, patents, copyrights, hierarchy and orders.

If everyone starts to think about it a little, the solution seems pretty clear. Support file sharing, make a copy. Only by that act, making a copy (of everything you want wether copyrighted or not) is a militant act to protest against the closeness of copyrights and patents. Share everything you can and we will make the life of MAFIAA* pretty shitty. And please, make it so I could download a car, in a coming future.

Think about what that would imply…

Most of you already know the issues concerning file sharing and (?) piracy (bunch of guys stealin stuff on the high seas, preferably before XXth century). That is, the devaluation of the digital file over its physical copy. Making a copy makes the file miserable in terms of value, pricing.

What would be the price of something you can copy till infinity ?

Supply and demand: supply is infinite, demand can be very big… that’s utopia ! Imagine that it could be applied for physical goods. Of wait, that’s already possible ! 3D printers have been made possible through technological progress and science. It’s an overall progress for society, too.

So, will the 3D printer be closed, patented like all other aspects of intellectual property on this Earth ?

I don’t think so, and that’s why the 3D printer opens a void for this concept of anti-money. 3D printers are already able to print anything you want that’s not too big or from alien materials, and they can print very complicated shapes and patterns. You can build one at home using open source instructions and also get the files from…. (MAFIAA* target), because these clever dudes saw the trend coming and decided to create a section to share bluerpint files for the printer. All of that with reduced costs if you compare with buying everything you print vs building the printer and buying the materials.

This is where the physical world starts to overlap more and more with our digital world, the Internet. And when you connect the 2 dots, you have awesomeness. And you have also the death of the idea of intellectual property, copyrights, patents and all that shit that is getting our world so closed. Make the world open, make a copy. Sharing is caring.

I’m open to discuss this concept 🙂

*MAFIAA <=> RIAA = Recording Industry Association of America

2 thoughts on “The Rise of “Anti-Money”…

  1. Teehe anti piracy gig is getting hotter over here (U.S.)and I feel some big, off balancing, things heading our way. Technology is moving so fast that it feels surreal. Within our lifetime our thoughts, to an extent, will begin to manifest at a rapid pace due to 3D printing and for some ‘odd’ reason…this ability is posed as a threat? Ugh, these knuckleheads who sold out humanity are done for. Those who sought to repress the imagination are going to be on the wrong side of history I feel.

    Ps: Come play the coolness In California. The crowds require foreign intervention!

    • Cheers for your comment, Alex 🙂 I feel the same way, things are changing and fast, in the world we live in.

      Would love to play the coolness in California man, always dreamed about it (San Francisco: I was oppsessed with the Golden Gate Brigdge as a child, I couldn’t stop drawing it). But money and study is what’s keeping me in France, for the moment 😉

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